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By teaching children the fundamentals of dance at an early age, they develop a dance “vocabulary” that will give them a competitive edge for their entire lives.

Top Dance Ballroom is resident to some of the finest youth competitors in the county. Our children's dance lessons are taught by instructors that have years of experience teaching younger students. They have successfully guided students from that very first dance lesson all the way to the realm of international competition.

At Top Dance, it’s not just about learning the steps. It's about developing the confidence, attitude, and style that make a difference on the floor

The result: Top Dance Ballroom is represented by its younger students in the most prestigious competitions nationally and internationally.

We have private training sessions reserved exclusively for kids in our competitive dance program.

Kids/Teens Program

Kids/Teens Private Lesson Program

Introductory Package

4 Private Lessons

Children/Teens new to Top Dance are eligible for this package.



 Kids 10-Pack of Private Lessons 

10 Private Lessons

Children 12 and under are also eligible for
our specially priced Youth Program Packages



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